Return and refund policy

Order cancellation:

We will be unable to cancel the order, once it has been placed on the website.

Complaints and Grievances:

In case if you have any product or post- delivery complaints/grievances, you must notify us within 15 days of having received the order.*

Suitable action will be taken accordingly.

If your ordered products have arrived in a physically damaged or defective condition or are different from what was ordered, request you to reach out to us*

Delivery Status:

For any delivery related issue request you to please notify us within 7 days of having received your delivery confirmation message from our delivery partner.

Suitable action will be taken accordingly.

Refund and Returns:

Only defective and damaged products can be returned within 4 working days from the day of delivery. The refund amount will be processed via RazorPay within 15 working days.

*Kindly share the message/ image of the delivery confirmation OR product condition (whichever applicable):
“For your (i) complaints/griveances and (ii) refunds/returns:

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